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Our vision:

Explorephotograpy is one of the fastest growing website with alot of miscellaneous features available. India's first website it's providing one stop solution for all photography lovers. My aimed at providing the best & filtered knowledge like photography guidelines and articles from existing websites and from other sources which will reduce your work and provide you with the best. It also included best workshop & tours schedule details conducted by some of the masters of photography world. It also included rental services of cameras ranging from mirrorless cameras to mobile photography, DSLRs to drones, various tours and competitions of different and preeminent institutions, and a great deal for all, amateurs and professionals. It even includes a help center which will provide you with all the information and solution to all queries regarding photography. So a one stop solution in a real sense is what, all about explorephotography.

explorephotography editorial staff :

Here in explorephotography we have a combination of staff were we have a team of professionals and amateurs. We try to learn from everything and everyone. We welcome everything that indulges some value in anything.

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To enquire about any opportunity for advertisements in explorephotography you can freely contact us.

Founder & Managing Director:

Milind Vachhani,

I am milind vachhani. I am mechanical engineer, ornithologist, wildlife & nature photographer, wildlife conservanist and businessman.

I firmly believe that to be successful one always needs to be a good student, so like a good student I always try to give my best and some of my works are An extraordinary recognition and publication from national and international platforms such as BBC, Natgeo, Caters New (The UK's leading independent photo and news agency) and still counting. I even have conservation articles being published in leading sites.

But more than this I love to learn grow myself to help others. I and my team are always bound to give our best to make this website a useful source for all audiences may they be amateurs or experienced.


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